About Us

Google Solutions was started by a group of expert SEO practitioners early in 2010. We wanted to take our knowledge and experience away from the multiple larger organisations we individually worked for and pool our resources and expertise into a small company, where we can dictate and maintain the work ethic and levels of quality control that we believe our customers deserve and didn’t feel were being provided elsewhere. We love what we do and we feel a duty to make sure you understand every intricacy of our techniques down to the level of detail you require, rather than being expected to take our word for it. At any stage, we can and will explain exactly what we are implementing, specifically why we think it will work and what we think we will achieve. We want to work with you rather than in the background and we take great pleasure in presenting our successes to you along the way!

Google Solutions is a small company, where we limit the number of employees for three reasons:

1. We can tightly control our overheads in order to keep your costs down to a minimum.

2. You will know exactly who you are dealing with and can be assigned a project manager for your campaign.

3. We know that each and every member of our team is highly experienced in his or her field and can easily work together to problem solve.

The ethos here at Google Solutions is that we want to form ongoing professional business relationships with clients and hope to develop these relationships in order to be trusted in all of the areas discussed on this site, from our bricks and mortar search engine optimisation right through to high-end web development and creative writing. Get in contact today and we will discuss how we can help you.

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