Keyword Analysis

The keyword research we undertake at the start of your SEO campaign is the foundation of all subsequent techniques. The web-marketing gaps that we reveal during this extensive process will be implemented in all other areas of SEO. They will be used as anchor text in link-building, to optimise your content during content management, to target the best phrases in your title and heading tags and even in your initial PPC campaign.

Keyword research begins with the use of our specialised SEO tools to unearth and list hundreds of suitable key words and phrases that are used in your marketplace. We also search blogs and news stories to find the latest terms and product names being used. The large list of potential keywords is then filtered down as we calculate opportunity scores for each and every one and aim to find the terms that have a highest current monthly search volume but the lowest amount of competition. Often, we find more excellent ‘opportunity keywords’ that have been overlooked by your competitors than we need and have the luxury of choice. In other circumstances, particularly when it comes to very competitive markets, we have to choose our keywords very carefully and really work the margins, sometimes focusing on slightly different approaches to gaining the SEO edge.

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