Link Building

With fresh, relevant data, constructed and optimised by Google Solutions materialising on your site on a regular basis, you are half way to attracting the link database you desire. What many companies do not realise, however, is that it is the quality of inbound links you maintain that is of the utmost importance. If a site to which a search engine assigns a high authority links to your site, it can be as advantageous in terms of retrieval rankings as 10,000 low authority sites linking through to you. In fact, low quality or authority sites that link through to your pages can even have a negative effect on your retrieval success, especially if these low quality links are accumulated very quickly, i.e. 10 or 20 a day, causing search engines to suspect spamming activity.

When Google spots this sort of activity, it lowers a website’s ranking, known as ‘blacklisting.’ Furthermore, the quality of inbound links will have an effect on how regularly search engine bots will crawl your pages and how thoroughly. It can also affect how a search engine places you within your field – if lots of your inbound links are from other major and high-traffic websites in the same field, for example a market leader in the car industry linking to your page for repair advice, then a search engine will assign you higher authority within your field.

In a similar vein, the anchor text which is directly clicked on as a hyperlink to your page needs to be rich in keywords. This will help a search engine recognise exactly what is being linked to; e.g. Users clicking on ‘ABC Car Repairs,’ is much more suitable than ‘Click Here,’ when being linked to. Google, for instance, will see a link to your page, read car repairs and know to put your page higher in the retrievals for that specific phrase or similar phrases, depending on how trust-worthy your peer inbound links are deemed to be. As with most areas of SEO, you should be beginning to see that the process is exponential and self-propagating. This is why Google Solutions  places such emphasis on the establishing of solid foundations for the ongoing SEO techniques. The initial time and effort we dedicate to really fine-tuning content and being so meticulous with link-suggestion and selection will make your page’s SEO grow exponentially further down the line. We understand the finer details of how higher quality linking generates high trust from the search engines, generating a higher retrieval ranking, which in turn generates more traffic, more authority and more linking.

We appreciate that SEO is a cyclical growth chain – in fact, we depend on it – and this is why the provisions we make for any SEO campaign in its infancy are as important as major decisions in the future.

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