Monthly Reporting

Included as standard in any of our SEO packages is our monthly reporting feature. At the end of each month of we will compile;

  1. Research; detailing in-depth marketing information about your competitors and their SEO activity, any new relevant keywords we have come across, any new technologies we think would be appropriate and the sites we have targeted as potentially valuable link partners.
  2. Progress; detailing the successes of the campaign, including specific retrieval rankings for groups of keywords and location searches. We will be able to provide visual data charts profiling your site’s rise through the rankings, highlighting not just volumes of traffic but which specific searches, PPC and keyword optimisation have been the most effective that month. We will also focus on the less successful phrases that we are targeting and explain how the competition is buffering us and how we intend to alter the strategy to attack from a new angle.
  3. Link Building; detailing the precise number of sites linking through to your web page, which we have added or removed, and the authority/assessment of different groups of inbound links. We will also profile our outbound linking and explain the PageRank system.
  4. Content Management; We will provide a summary of content updates we have made and articles or blogs that we have written for you, the information within and the types of user/inbound links that it is targeting. Should you be interested, will also provide a breakdown of specific content changes that are the nuts and bolts of SEO the process; the coding that the search engine bots will crawl to help rank your webpage successfully for certain terms and markets.
  5. PPC Management; Your PPC management service that is included in most our SEO packages requires careful and constant ‘tweaking’ to strike the right balance between spend and return. At the end of each month, we will report back to you on how much you have spent on PPC, the effects it has had on traffic and communicate with you over sales conversions. We will detail whether it is necessary to increase PPC or if we can take our first steps towards reducing it, as the SEO begins to negate the cost justification.
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