Motion Graphics


In addition to our basic editing service we also offer motion graphic design and VFX. We can produce a range of motion graphics and animation, everything from title sequences for film and TV to simple text animation for the web and corporate videos. Simple graphic animation can significantly improve the success of a video by visually reinforcing the information within, holding the viewers interest and promoting a company’s logo/product/service.

The use of motion graphics among client varies widely from producing an animated logo/title/character to straightforward themed bullet points. Within corporate videos the most common use of motion graphics tends to be animated text, numbers and graphs (these can be animated and included alongside your video or in such a way that the subject can even interact with them). Additionally we can match the text, graphs, symbols, pictures so that they are branded to your corporate colours.

Using current industry software such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max we can work quickly, efficiently and within a specified budget. We are able to provide our clients with broadcast quality motion graphics at cost effective prices.

Google Solutions ensures

* That projects are completed on time and to a required specification
* The project brief is interpreted creatively whilst reinforcing brand awareness
* Clients are provided with an environment best suited for any type of video project

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